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Wordpress Video Plug-InClick Image To Visit SiteBut that is not what makes us wordpress addicts. We also have a compulsory need to test and buy everything related to WordPress: themes, plugins. You’ve seen it, we’ve tested it, you have seen it, we have probably tested it in beta…

A few months ago, we were having a skype session and we started brainstorming around wordpress and what could make our life easier, using WordPress. We both maintain businesses using WordPress, and with our combined experience we decided to figure out what is refraining us from being effective, and how we could provide more value through our blog, and how we could help other webmasters and internet marketers to provide more value to their own readers.

This was a long and interesting skype brainstorming session. Here are the main outputs of the discussion we had then:

When you combine WordPress and videos, you simply fall into abysmal hole. WordPress + Videos is just a nightmare. It turns WordPress back into an expert platform for coding geeks who like to manipulate obscure lines of codes and tweak them just so that they can publish a video. It makes video the medium most bloggers want to avoid because they have no idea how to handle them.

Can you believe this!? There are millions of blogs online, tens of thousands of developers working on WordPress, and still leveraging the power of videos through blogs is available only to the tech geek fractions of bloggers and internet marketers (needless to say this is a really tiny fraction). Which means 99% of bloggers are left aside and doomed to use good old written content to stand out of the crowd. Talk about a challenge.

To give you an example, simply picture this: You’re creating a blog related to, let’s say "Panic Attack." You’ve found some good videos on YouTube you want to re-publish on your blog. Easy? WRONG. YouTube will give you an embed code, but most people are stuck from that point on. What to do with this embed code? Most bloggers don’t even know you can switch from Visual to HTML in the WordPress post form. And even those who know there’s an HTML section will freak out just by switching to it and trying to paste that devilish javascripted flashy htmlified code.

Many people are now using Amazon S3 to store their videos. And it’s really awesome. You can centralize and theoretically share all your videos from one central place for a really, really low price. Really great service! But there’s a bug. You’ve created a video, and you’ve uploaded the .swf, .flv or .mp4 (or whatever strange format online videos are using) file to your S3 account.

So what? Most people will never be able to embed this video on their blog. Where can I get a player (and most people don’t even know they need a player to play their videos), how can I embed and configure the player to play my S3 videos. What should be the size of the player, what should be the size of the video, how to configure the position, what happens once the video is finished playiing…Well, you see the point, S3 is great, but it’s just the beginning and it normally becomes really technical to finally publish a video on a blog.

Can you see what we figured out? We figured out we (and any blogger in fact) need a solution to perform those 3 functions to finally be able to easily leverage the power of videos on any blog.

And this is how we ended our skype session: let’s do it (remember, we are entrepreneurs trying to help any online entrepreneur / blogger. Yes, a blogger is an online entrepreneur and should be able to use the tools he deserves to use).

Fast forward many months of research, development, and testing. We’re now ready to release this fantastic plugin:

Now, Alexia, our "Pregnancy Yoga" blogger can simply grab any video from YouTube or any other video source (he just needs the URL of this video) and customize it with just a few clicks (so that she does not need to mess with players, codes…). She can easily customize it so that it looks… Read more…

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